At New-Dimension we are trying to make the best of a bad situation. We love dance and we love to dance! We know a lot of travel plans are on hold and we know a lot of dance workshops and intensives are also on hold, which can be deflating for those who have looked forward to them all year. INCLUDING Us!

Our Aim is to keep you dancing throughout the summer and create amazing opportunities to have FULL OUT workshops with the biggest and best choreographers from around the world! You can learn from the BEST and experience workshops that you may not have had the chance too. 

Enhance your learning and forget about the outside world for a bit with one of our 60 minute workshops. 

By choosing a workshop with New-Dimension you also support the artists, who are still trying to do what they love, teach and share their knowledge with talented people such as yourself.

At New-Dimension we are all about showing off the positivity the dance community has to offer  and by working together and supporting each other, we can pave the way for an internatinational dance community here in the UAE. Online for Now but we hope to run intensives in the future, when the world starts to get back to normal.

Positivity and kindness always, but even more importantly now. We hope you enjoy these workshops and take as much out of them as possible. 

We do suggest some etiquette when attending the zoom calls with the choreographer and letting them teach their choreography to you as smoothy as possible. 

As most of the time any questions will be answered as they continue to teach, alternatively wait until the choreographer asks if you have any questions or gives you time to talk that way the workshop can run smoothly and run as close to being in a studio as possible.

We have chosen to run the workshops via zoom so you do feel like you’re in a class and can experience the energy and choreography first hand. 

All zoom links will be send out 48 hours before the class and registration will be taken. 

Anyone who is not on the list and signed up will be removed from the zoom class.

We really hope you take advantage of these opportunities as it’s perhaps something that wouldn’t of happened and has opened new possibilities for us all.

Bring your energy, attitude and positivity.


The New Dimension Team.